Happy Holidays From All Of Us

Thanksgiving was just a week ago, and Christmas is just around the corner.  Decorations are up, holiday music is on the radio 24/7, and people are bringing us food that isn't great for my waistline.  The holidays season is in full bloom.

This time of year we have many reminders to treat each other just a little bit better and to recognize the blessings in our lives.  I would like to take a moment to recognize some of the blessing we enjoy here at Firefighters Credit Union.

First - Great Members.  We truly have great members.  Some we see in the office on a regular basis.  Others we only talk to by phone.  But all are important to us.  We are grateful for each of our members and their relationship with the credit union.

Second - Wonderful Staff.  I often brag that I have a great staff.  Yes, we are a small credit union compared to some in the state.  But the service that our staff provides is exceptional and can compete with any other credit union, large or small.  I love coming to work each day, knowing that the staff does their absolute best to take care of our members financial needs.

Third - Engaged Volunteers.  Our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee are comprised of volunteers from among our membership.  Each of them puts in several hours monthly to oversee the operations of the credit union.  None of these volunteers is paid for their service.  Yet, they are all dedicated to the success of the credit union and the well-being our our members.

There are many other blessings that we enjoy here at Firefighters Credit Union.  But people are the most important of those blessings - and we blessed with great people!






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