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Supporting the Fight Against Cancer

Firefighters Credit Union Donate $25,000 For Cancer Screenings

At the Utah State Fire Chiefs Association Leadership Summit in St George Utah in January 2024, Firefighters Credit Union CEO Thomas Gourdin announced that the credit union was donating $25,000 in the effort to help Utah's firefighters get screened for cancer. The donation was made to the Utah Firefighter Cancer Testing & Research Initiative for the express purpose of offsetting the costs of cancer screenings for Utah's firefighters.

Cancer Rate Among Firefighters Is High

The World Health Organization has designated firefighting as a Class One Carcinogenic Profession.

"Firefighters have a 9% higher risk of developing cancer and a 14% higher risk of dying from cancer compared to the general public." (U.S. Fire Administrator's Summit on Fire Prevention and Control Workgroup Report October 2022 - August 2023).

"The International Association of Fire Fighters or IAFF states that cancer has replaced heart disease as the biggest cause of line-of-duty deaths. Firefighters Have been shown to be at higher risk than the general population of getting several types of cancer. Firefighters are exposed to a laundry list of carcinogens coming from fires burning hotter and faster than ever before - often due to increased petroleum products in homes. But as they learn more about PFAS, firefighters have grown suspicious that their personal protective equipment or PPE is sickening them." (Michael Casey, September 14, 2023, AP News)

Early Detection Initiative

The Utah State Fire Chiefs Association, Professional Fire Fighters of Utah, Utah Fire & Rescue Academy, and Firefighters Credit Union have joined in a collaborative effort to provide multi cancer early detection for firefighters in Utah. 

Task Group Mission Statement

"Our intent is to inform and assist Utah state firefighters, leaders, and personnel about firefighter cancer preventative resources and testing. We will support this effort with philanthropy, legislation, grant applications, and other funding efforts. Our hope is to give each Utah state firefighter the information and opportunity to get tested and preserve and/or  improve their quality of life."

$25,000 Donation To Offset Cost of Cancer Screening

The initial donation of $25,000 made by Firefighters Credit Union is designated to directly offset the cost of cancer screenings for firefighters in Utah. It is the hope that this initial donation will "prime the pump" for other organizations to donate to this cause.

Individuals or organizations wishing to donate may contact Firefighters Credit Union at 801-487-3219 for details.